Best Vape Juice Flavors

Best vape juice flavors

Looking for the best vape juice flavors? I’ll tell you about my all time favorite vape juice flavors so far. I am an e-juice dinosaur, I started vaping as soon as cig-a-likes were available some 7 years or so ago, and kept moving up the evolutionary chain to the present day of vaping. It was not all happy days, let me tell you. I made it, I’m an ex-smoker and love vaping e-cigs, or vapor cigarettes or whatever you may call them.

Now everyone starts somewhere, and the main things you need to get going, is a starter kit and some decent e-juice. If you are looking to quit smoking seriously, then you need to invest in a decent starter kit and some good, no great flavored e-juice or you just won’t make the transition. So I’ll point you in the right direction. Listen to me, I’ve been through it all. I’ve tried patches, I’ve tried gum, I’ve tried pills, I even tried electro shock therapy and hypnosis for god sakes.

I finally quit smoking when I found a decent vape starter kit and the best e-juice after I read an online review somewhere. Probably an e-juice reviews site you can search on Google anywhere. Before I bore you, I want to tell you about my favorite flavors of e-liquid which is most likely why you are reading my post. I love sweet fruit flavors and one of my all time favorites is Pow Pow Bam Jester Juice by Monarchy, one of the best e-juice vendors online for sure. These guys treat you like royalty. Join the Monarchy and get super, insane almost discounts on amazing e-liquid and they also have the best vape starter kit the Jester. For any newbies this is your best bet to quit smoking cheaply.

One other awesome all day vape flavor I love is Sweet Ride Jester Juice by Monarchy a premium cotton candy flavor. It’s by far the best cotton candy e-juice flavor available in the world.


The Vaping World

The vaping world is getting bigger!

Vaping is a wonderful new form of smoking vapor cigarettes. To start vaping you really want to grab yourself a new vape starter kit. You can always grab a free vape starter kit when you go to the right vape stores. A vape pen is another name for a vape starter kit. These are the new easy to load vaporizers for novice to intermediate vapers that love to vape, but haven’t gone on to buy the more serious and costly vape mods with better tanks and batteries usually used for dripping ejuice.


I really don’t believe much more is needed then good vape pen and great e-liquid to vape with. The newest starter kits are high quality and cheap enough to get great pulls like that of a cigarette and you can grab your favorite menthol e-liquid flavor or tobacco e-liquid flavor to convert over from the darkside. While also dabbling in maybe some fruit or coffee flavored ejuice as well. Go to Monarchy to grab a free vapor pen with any first purchase. They are top brand a great vapor pen and with great ejuice selection.

If you’re not sure about the best e-juice flavors, you can check out reviews online. Just google the best e-juice reviews or best e-liquid reviews. There’s tons of content about the best ejuice flavors out there. Of course you can check out youtube as well for tons of reviews on everything from vape mods, vape pens, to e-juice, and e-liquids. Vaping is something you start to learn more and more about and become engrossed in the vaping community.

While most are ex-smokers not all come from that background, some vapers just tried juice with 0mg nicotine, and like it that way. Maybe they had tried hookahs before, or they used vaporizers to smoke their weed. Either way, everyone is very cool and helpful in the vaping world.

Vaping is Better Then Smoking

Vaping is a Reliable Method to Quit Cigarette Smoking

Did you know that the word of the year 2014 is “vape” in the Oxford English Dictionary? You could ask yourself just how it can take place. Vaping is the new smoking!

Well, it’s considering that vapor cigarettes aid you successfully quit cigarette smoking. You can begin vaping by locating the right vape starter kit and also some e-liquid. Some people utilize various names for e-juice liquids: eliquid, ejuice or vape juice. It’s not a simple decision to begin vaping due to two major factors.


The preliminary expense is more than standard smoking cigarettes. This is the greatest barrier for cigarette smokers. The second main factor is that everybody is different. You require to find the very best starter kit for your needs, the very best e-juice you like the most. It can be a long journey yet there are sites where you can review the very best vape juice flavors and also you can also use Google to locate the most effective e-juice reviews.

The ideal point in vaping is that you could vape in your living space without producing smoke. There are some locations around the world where vaping the best e-cigs is prohibited. It could be commonly a collection or a church what is evident however it could take place too that it’s prohibited in a restaurant. You have to bear in mind that the most crucial thing if you wish to give up smoking cigarettes is the decision itself.

E-Cigarette vs cigarette

If you don’t determine to give up after that even the finest vapor cigarettes won’t be able to help you. The start is constantly difficult: you need to focus not to extinguish it in an ashtray, you should maintain the battery charged, you should wash your e-cigs occasionally, you need to replenish the eliquid, and so on. Be optimistic considering that all of the necessary jobs become habits soon generally.

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Best Menthol E-liquids

Best Menthol E-liquids

Looking for the best menthol e-liquids? Vaping is great, but only if you have the best menthol e-liquids in you’re mod. I personally love menthol flavors. Being an ex-smoker who was a Newport fanatic, obviously the menthol vape juice flavors stand out to me. While there are many premium ejuice brands only so many carry really great tasting menthol e-liquids. Make sure to get the best vaping supplies from a trusted brand. One of the brands that does have some very solid ejuice in many categories is Halo. They stand out with premium menthol flavors is Halocigs.

The carry five menthol flavors, SubZero, Menthol Ice, Mystic, CoolMist, and Menthol X. They are all refreshing, smooth, and minty. I personally think SubZero is the most Subzero - Best Menthol Flavor E-liquidsunique and tasty menthol flavor they carry. Definitely some of the best menthol e-liquids.

SubZero E-liquid offers an intensely fresh experience, packed with triple the menthol effect of our standard menthol e-liquid flavors. Designed for those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect, this premium e-liquid blend offers a subtly sweet mixed mint aftertaste.

Best Menthol E-liquids - CoolMistAnother of my favorites there are ideal for all menthol lovers, packs a perfect blast of cool mint in every drag is CoolMist.


While it’s a little sweet, it definitely gives you a nice cool crisp drag every time you hit with your gold mod. So when you are getting ready to refill your tank with a little ejuice, and you are a menthol lover, I want you to definitely remember to check out the Halo menthol flavors.

If you want to check out more about menthol e-liquid then go here for more menthol ejuice reviews.

Oh by the way you may also want to try the many fruit menthol flavors out there. They taste great in vapor, watermelon, cherry, grape, and other premium fruit menthol flavors actually will knock your socks off. Really, try out a few you’ll be vaping the good stuff. Make sure you keep your ejuice in the dark so it doesn’t go bad like in here in this video.